How to Find The Best Smoothie Blender

Best Smoothie BlenderYou’ve been told to eat healthier, and you agree. Yet at the same time, life has picked up it’s pace and you have less time in the morning than before.

Eating healthier however, often requires more preparation time than you have available.

One answer to this dilemma is the smoothie.

I’m not talking about the ready-to-drink shakes in the store, I’m talking about the home-made kind with ingredients you put into it yourself.

To begin this journey, you need a decent blender.

This is where having the best smoothie blender you can comfortably afford comes in handy!

Will any blender do?

Yes and no. Some of the questions to ask yourself about your existing blender if you have one, or before you head out to go shopping are:

  1. What kind of smoothies do you anticipate making? Will you be making frozen fruit smoothies? Ice-cube smoothies? Banana-based smoothies?
  2. How often will you be using the blender? Will you be using it once a day for the smoothies and nothing else? Do you already use your blender for other things every day?
  3. If you need to go out and purchase a blender, what is your budget? The best smoothie blenders can come in a wide range of prices, power and abilities. Have a budget before you go shopping.

Considerations While Shopping

Once those questions are answered, it’s time to take a good look at your existing blender, or carefully read the packaging of the ones you see at the store. You’ll be considering the following thoughts:

  1. Most consumer models aren’t meant to be used every day, or even several times every day. Check the manual, as this will tell you what kind of use the manufacturer expects this unit to be put to.
  2. Check the warranty information. Many models only carry limited warranties for a specific length of time, and some, for less than a year. This is often closely tied to the above point as well.
  3. If your answer to question one above related to frozen fruit or ice cubes, be sure the model packaging or user manual says the unit can handle it. Some models have an ice-crushing button or setting.
  4. How much preparation before-hand do you want to do? Some units can handle whole fruit while others require chopping first. Again, check the abilities of the unit before purchasing.
  5. Do you care about noise levels? Some models are louder than others. If noise is an issue, see if you can get a demonstration before buying, or check reviews to find out what others said about the model you are considering.

Check Out Reviews

It’s a good idea to check reviews before heading to the store. As I prepared for this article, all it took was a quick search on Google, and I found many people leaving reviews for a wide range of blender models ranging from the low-end to the high-end. One site I’ve shared before, offers a great rating system that I recommend for this subject as well, and that’s Good Housekeeping. They put their blenders through some very unusual tests before assigning final ratings.

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